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May we recommend watching A PEBBLE IN THE POND for some inspiration and to be honest, some pure, unfiltered #JOY !?! After you watch, or if you already have, please don’t forget that there are FOUR (4) easy ways you can help support our film while also helping us get it in front of more and more eyes…

1) For Apple Users, using your iphone or ipad only go to link and click “Reviews” and then “Write A Review” where you can click a star rating (5 Stars!) at the top, then title your review and write a review (optional). Don’t forget to click “Send” when you are done! You may be required to create a Nickname too.

2) You can also help via YouTube! Click the link, once there, right below the trailer, you’ll be able to give us a “Thumbs Up” by clicking it! Scroll down to “Add a Comment” and there you can enter some words about our ripple making film! Thanks in advance!

3) For Amazon users the most important thing to know is that you will not be allowed to rate or review the film unless you have watched it via Amazon. Currently “Be the first to review” is where you’d click to rate and add your thoughts once you have!

4) For Google Play, super simple click “Rate this Movie” once you have you’ll be able to give it a star rating and then have the option to write some words too!!

Happy A Pebble in the Pond Day!!

A Pebble in the Pond has been released and is NOW AVAILABLE WORLD WIDE to rent or buy !! To watch via Apple iTunes: or Apple TV:

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Apple TV


Amazon UK (Coming Soon)

YouTube Movies

Google Play


Allin – hotelsSwank –

Hoopla – link pending 

AT&T U-Verse



A DVD version of the documentary film will become available via, and sometime in late September or early October.


Big news for your Saturday!! We’re excited to share that A Pebble in the Pond IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE RESERVE ON APPLE!

This Tuesday (9/13) the film will become available WORLDWIDE and at that time will also become available on other VOD platforms but you can PRE RESERVE right now via itunes or Apple TV!!!

iTunes pre-order:

Apple TV:

See the source image

A Pebble in the Pond Will Be Available on All Video on Demand Platforms

Starting September 13th A Pebble in the Pond will be available on all video on demand platforms including Apple, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Xbox, AT&T U-Verse, Vubiquity and DirecTV among many others!

Whatever you use to watch films, you’ll be able to rent and/or buy our documentary!

A PEBBLE IN THE POND GETS DISTRIBUTION!!! Date set!! We Create Ripples September 13th, 2022~ !

A Message From the FIlm’s Director, Paul Howard:

I FINALLY get to share this news, it’s been killing me to not being able to share, but I can now officially say…  A Pebble in the Pond is being released on September 13th in the US on basically all VOD (Video on Demand) platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, YouTube Movies, DirecTV, AT&T, U-Vers, Google Play.  IN ADDITION, the film will be available via iTunes and Amazon in the UK and other international markets, which means even non US based individuals will be able to access!!

The film will be super reasonably priced and available to rent or to buy digitally in addition to having SD or HD options.  A DVD version will also be offered via Amazon or Walmart.

I hope everyone is excited by this news and that you are excited to help get the word out, share (multiple times), and help us create further and further reaching ripples!!

Once the film is officially released we’ll be reaching out to our networks and supporters to encourage you to watch and share yourself, as I hope you will do the same with your networks.  We also really want to encourage people to review and rate the film to help those magical algorithms.  Doing all these things will help us create a wider and wider net.

Until then, THANK YOU for supporting our independent film!  This is HUGE news and I’m honored to have such an inspiring piece, supported and created by inspiring people, that we all get to share with the world!!


You can read more at the DEADLINE exclusive — 8/19/22

“A Pebble in the Pond”

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One year later, almost to the day, in partnership with Assistance League Long Beach (ALLB) a virtual fundraising event was held of A Pebble in the Pond. The live, but still virtual event was the perfect way to allow people the opportunity to see our film (since the covid pandemic had removed most options including film festivals) while also raising awareness and money for ALLB! The event included a preshow countdown, prepared remarks from ALLB members and both Paul Howard, the film’s Director and its star, Ann Benson making short speeches. After the film was screened it was immediately followed by a live Q&A including cast and crew and Long Beach Assistance League participants.

In addition to creating awareness and entertaining those who participated, the event raised over thirteen thousand dollars and was deemed a huge success by Assistance League of Long Beach!


On Saturday, November 9th, 2019 a private screening of A Pebble in the Pond was held for the team that helped make the documentary feature film a reality. We were joined by individuals from all over the world including the editor, who is based in the UK, and some of our interviewees who appear in the film and are based throughout California, Michigan and Nevada. In addition to cast and crew, we were joined by representatives from the Long Beach, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles chapters of the Assistance League. After a brief introduction by the film’s Director, Paul Howard, A Pebble in the Pond was screened on the big screen at Los Feliz Theatre. The special screening was immediately followed by a reception at the Atrium. Which included themed drinks and appetizers. The screening was the first time many who had worked on the film had an opportunity to see what had been created.

Beyond being an inspiring and celebratory event, it was also one of ripples created…. One of our audience members, who had never heard of the Assistance League or Operation School Bell, signed up for her local Assistance League chapter the very NEXT DAY because she was so inspired by our film and the work being done at the Assistance League! Creating ripples, indeed!

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