A Pebble in the Pond is a timely, timeless look at a modern story with deep roots:  In the 1890’s a dynamic and innovative woman named Anne Banning formed the Assistance League and did local charitable work that focused on children.  Our documentary tells Anne’s story and traces the history of the Assistance League: from its humble beginnings to a call to action following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake; through Red Cross innovations and two World Wars, Old Hollywood connections, and a dramatic reemergence; to world-changing innovations by women more

Paul Howard

Director Producer Writer of A Pebble in the Pond

Paul Howard has always been interested in entertaining people and in telling stories.  His professional career started as an actor when he went to the audition based two year theatre training program at San Joaquin Delta College.  Later he transferred to UC Irvine where he received a BA in Drama.  Paul’s interests in the theatre and in film started much earlier though.

Throughout High School, and before that, Paul was constantly writing stories, making films, choreographing routines (some where he danced like Michael Jackson), directing plays, and taking vocal and dance classes.

Paul has always been interested in more then just the one character he was cast to play.

The other characters and their motivations, the piece’s themes and message, and the audience’s experience watching have always, and naturally been a part of Paul’s thought-process and consideration.  This skill has, in recent years, organically lead Paul to continue to act but to also write and direct more and more projects (which are often self produced).

Just in the last few years he has directed and written numerous short films, music videos, promotional videos/commercials, and political projects.

Paul believes that content, truly is king, but only with high quality and a fully committed heart.

Paul strives to every day be a better man and in turn, a better artist.

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