May we recommend watching A PEBBLE IN THE POND for some inspiration and to be honest, some pure, unfiltered #JOY !?! After you watch, or if you already have, please don’t forget that there are FOUR (4) easy ways you can help support our film while also helping us get it in front of more and more eyes…

1) For Apple Users, using your iphone or ipad only go to link and click “Reviews” and then “Write A Review” where you can click a star rating (5 Stars!) at the top, then title your review and write a review (optional). Don’t forget to click “Send” when you are done! You may be required to create a Nickname too.

2) You can also help via YouTube! Click the link, once there, right below the trailer, you’ll be able to give us a “Thumbs Up” by clicking it! Scroll down to “Add a Comment” and there you can enter some words about our ripple making film! Thanks in advance!

3) For Amazon users the most important thing to know is that you will not be allowed to rate or review the film unless you have watched it via Amazon. Currently “Be the first to review” is where you’d click to rate and add your thoughts once you have!

4) For Google Play, super simple click “Rate this Movie” once you have you’ll be able to give it a star rating and then have the option to write some words too!!